Naming Ceremonies

An alternative to a religious christening.

A Naming Ceremony is the alternative to a religious christening.

It gives parents the opportunity and freedom to conduct the ceremony in a more relaxed atmosphere, whether it be held at home or wherever you feel you wish to have family and friends gather to meet and welcome your new addition to the family.

It is also an opportunity for you to appoint godparents who will have a significant role in your child’s life.

A commemorative naming certificate, together with a copy of the ceremony, is provided as a special keepsake of this beautiful day.

Commitment Ceremony

A public affirmation between two people

A Commitment Ceremony is a public affirmation between two people.

It is an opportunity for two people to show their family and friends the love and commitment they have for each other.

Again, it is not a legal ceremony like a wedding, but it is based along similar lines of a traditional wedding. Like any other ceremony, it can be also include children and/or grandchildren as well as family and friends, giving them the opportunity to participate in the ceremony.

What are your expectations for your ceremony – do you have any special requests?

If so please contact me to discuss. I can also be found on and I am happy to travel any where in Australia for a Ceremony.

Renewal of Vows

The ceremony can be as formal or casual as you want.

Vow renewals can be great fun because they can be designed anyway you want them to be. Typically, the renewal ceremony is more intimate and less formal that a wedding ceremony, however, there are no rules when it comes to this kind of ceremony.

Your renewal ceremony should be exactly the way you want it to be.  Some people want to try to completely recreate their original wedding. Others want to have the wedding celebration they were unable to have the first time.

You may want to choose to speak some new promises to each other.

The ceremony can be as formal or casual as you want it to be.  There is no correct or incorrect way of doing a vow renewal, but vow renewals should be designed to bring new life to a marriage.

Vow renewals are a wonderful example to set for your children and grandchildren. It is a reflection of the journey you have taken together over the years and a symbol of the deep love you have for each other.

Any Other Ceremonies

There is a ceremony for anything that you would like to celebrate.

  • Tree planting Ceremony.
  • Coming of Age Ceremony.
  • Divorce Ceremony.
  • Boat naming Ceremony
  • Handfasting Ceremony (During Wedding Ceremony)
  • Blessing of the Rings Ceremony (During Wedding Ceremony)
  • Wine toasting Ceremony (During Wedding Ceremony)
  • Sand Ceremony (During Wedding Ceremony)
  • Candle Ceremony (During Wedding Ceremony)
  • Balloon releasing Ceremony (During Wedding Ceremony)
  • Rose exchange Ceremony (During Wedding Ceremony)
  • Dove releasing Ceremony   (During Wedding Ceremony)

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