Many years of experience in the field of funeral celebrancy

I have had many  years of experience in the field of funeral celebrancy and receive many calls from families who have been referred to me by satisfied clients. This is the Last celebration of a person’s life. Make it the best you can.

Honoring the life and loss of a loved one can be an extremely challenging and bewildering time, especially when it comes to arranging a funeral or memorial service. As a trained Funeral Celebrant, I am able to guide you through this process while being particularly sensitive to your needs.

I meet with you, gather information, liaise with the Funeral Home and Director of your choice and write and conduct your service while ensuring your loved one is honored in a way that perfectly reflects and befits their unique life and character.


Grief is a normal and natural emotional response to a loss.

Coping with this loss often requires a substantial effort. The grieving process takes time and healing usually happens gradually. Feelings of loss and sadness may never go away, but with time the grief will lighten.

It’s normal for a person to experience a wide range of physical and emotional responses. It’s important to remember that everyone deals with death and loss very differently.

I have been through this process with my Partner who passed from Cancer in 2012. There are still special days that I struggle. I now manage to bring all the fun memories to mind and not the last memories of how sick he was and how sad we both were.

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