Congratulations on moving to the next stage of your relationship.

What you need to know

When booking my services, I will require some documents from you: ie. Birth Certificate (Passport showing the date and place of birth for anyone born outside of Australia if unable to obtain a Birth Certificate); Divorce Papers (Decree Absolute or Certificate of Nullity required if previously married); Death Certificate (if widow/er).

These are required by law and are necessary for filling out the Notice of Intended Marriage documentation.

You are required to complete a ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ form at least one month and one day before your wedding and no more than eighteen months beforehand.  On my first visit with my Bride & Grooms I fill out this form with them.

“Magic of the Moment”

Do you have any special requests? Once it has been determined that you wish to secure my services, I will email a package of ceremonies which will have various options for you to consider for your vows or the type of ceremony you wish to have. You may wish to write your own.  Any changes can be made up to the day before the wedding.

The final week before the wedding, I usually do a rehearsal with my couples at the time of the wedding so we can see where the sun will be on the day. At this stage we sign the last of the legal paperwork.

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Magic of the moment!

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